LUCI is a community-based not-for-profit organisation involved in landscape conservation in the uplands of the Lockyer Valley.  Incorporated in 2016, LUCI members include local landholders and supporters from further afield.

Our landscape of interest includes ridges, escarpments and valleys from Main Range in the south of the Lockyer Valley through the western Lockyer region to Helidon Hills and, ultimately, connecting to the Bunya Mountains to the north.

Strategic Vision

LUCI’s strategic vision is to improve native habitat connectivity across private and public tenures in our local landscape and as part of the Main Range-Bunya Mountains Regional biodiversity corridor and the Great Eastern Ranges corridor.

Our Goals

To achieve the vision of connectivity conservation, LUCI pursues three obectives in its local activities with members, supporters and the wider community:

  • Raising awareness of natural systems
  • Encouraging better land management options
  • Improving environmental outcomes

LUCI is best able to meet these objectives through projects that provide opportunities for landholders and supporters to express their environmental values and commitments on their own land, environmental education activities and community building experiences.

LUCI invites members to review the LUCI Strategy and provide comments/feedback to info@lockyeruplandscatchmentsinc.org.au LUCI is a landholder association and needs to reflect the interests of its members.

Our activity streams

  • Citizen science projects
    • Ongoing – Threatened species monitoring (e.g. Glossy Black Cockatoo, Koala, Black-breasted Button-quail)
    • 2017-2021 – Lockyer Uplands Glossy Black Cockatoo Feed Tree Project
    • 2020-2021 – Native Grasses of the Lockyer Uplands
  • On ground conservation of native habitats
    • Bunyas to Border Corridor, working with regional collaborators to restore and reconnect habitat from the Bunya Mountains to the Border Ranges
    • Volunteer weeding programs in conservation parks: Friends of Dwyers Scrub Project and Flagstone Creek Project
    • Conservation of Semi-evergreen vine thicket in the Lockyer Valley
  • Community education and collaborations
    • Special interest walks
    • Community workshops
    • Social get togethers


LUCI has adopted the Office of Fair Trading’s Model Rules for our Constitution

LUCI’s office bearers for November 1st 2023- October 31st 2024 include President (Diane Guthrie), Treasurer (Penny Kidd) and Secretary (Fiona Watters).  LUCI’s management committee consists of the elected office bearers and meets at least five times a year. The committee members may invite other LUCI members to attend (e.g. project coordinators) to provide input on agenda items and assist in decision-making. In 2024, LUCI members attending committee meetings include: John Hopwood, Anita Huber, Mark Kidd and Elspeth Darvall.

LUCI holds one General Meeting a year combined with the Annual General Meeting in December.

Policies and protocols


Great Eastern Ranges Initiative GER


Queensland Water and Land Carers QWALC

SEQ Catchments Members Association Inc Members Association

Glossy Black Conservancy GBConservancy

Protect the Bush Alliance PTBA

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