LUCI is a grass roots association of landholders and their supporters dedicated to the conservation of native habitats and the wildlife they support. By working together across property boundaries, both private and public, we can learn together, connect our patches of native habitat and improve the environment for all species.

What members say…

My support for biodiversity is entirely selfish. From a very young age – before clear memory – I derived pleasure, satisfaction and comfort from the living environment….My objective and achievement is to have given some living things – plant and animal – a chance at life that they may not otherwise have had.” (Peter D.)

All living beings in nature have a right to exist because they predate us and we are connected in more ways than we can imagine to Mother Nature.” (Jim K.)

We share our natural systems with thousands of other species, we are just one of many species. I care that other species need their places to live, the same as we do.” (Paul S.)

When we work [on our property], it feels like we’re manufacturing hope for the future, one weed at a time.” (Penny K.)

If I can make a difference in the patch of the tapestry that is currently mine to nurture, and if I can link my efforts to my neighbour’s, and then to a community and so on outward, then the effect of what I do personally is magnified beyond the resources I have put into the system.” (Chris D.)

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