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SEVT restoration site visits: what it takes?

October 8, 2022

LUCI and members of Killarney Bushcare will be visiting two dry rainforest sites - Redwood Park and Dwyers Scrub Conservation Park - to hear about two weeding programmes to restore significant patches of an endangered ecosystem (Semi-evergreen vine thicket, SEVT).   Hugh Krenske (Friends of Escarpment Parks) will provide a talk on their decades' long work at Redwood to restore habitat for unique flora and fauna including the endangered Black-breasted Button-quail.  Martin Bennett will provide expert inputs on flora and vegetation communities.  Following a picnic lunch, we will drive to Dwyers Scrub to view the six years of work by Friends of Dwyers Scrub in the SEVT area to compare the two restoration journeys.   Afternoon tea (optional) will be provided at the conclusion of the visit.

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