Barn Owl pellets

Scot McPhie (BirdLife SQ Darling Downs) gives you an up close look at Barn Owl pellets with their very distinctive contents of small mammal bones.

Beautiful barks

Paying attention to the texture, colour and pattern of bark can assist in the identification of a tree species. Martin Bennett, LUCI member, has put together a beginning collection of his many bark photos to help with identification of some of the trees you’re more likely to see in our beautiful eucalypt forests and woodlandsContinue reading

Frog mini bioblitz

Enjoyable, informative,..LUCI members go on a frog survey with Brett Malcolm http://brettfindsfrogs in the Mount Whitestone area. Seven frog species and various other critters were spotted and we relieved the landscape of three dozen toads! An exercise worth repeating when the next rain season comes round.