Get involved

Become a LUCI member

If you want to work with others to improve and connect native habitat patches for the survival of our native wildlife, then consider joining LUCI. We welcome new members who support the aims and objectives of the association. Membership costs $10 per person per year while there is no fee for under 18 year olds. LUCI members have the opportunity to (a) participate in citizen science projects involving fauna surveying, (b) attend workshops to learn about fauna and flora identification and conservation methods and (c) join organised walks and property visits to learn about regional ecosystems and their vegetation assemblages. Members also have access to LUCI’s equipment loan programs (e.g. remote cameras and bio-acoustic recorders for fauna surveys and weed control gear such as splatter gun and tree spear), receive a quarterly newsletter and can borrow from LUCI’s library. Use the contact form to ask about membership or pay membership online at bank details below.

Volunteer on a LUCI project

If you would like to make a hands on contribution to helping LUCI achieve its aims, you might like to volunteer on one of our projects such as weeding in our local conservation park or helping with fauna surveys or you may consider assisting a landholder with conservation work on their property. We’d love to hear from you. Let us know using the form below.

Donate to a LUCI project

Whether it’s fauna surveying, restoring native habitats, weed and pest animal control or community education events, LUCI needs to raise funds to undertake the work of caring for native habitats. No matter how small the donation, every little bit helps. While donations to LUCI are not tax deductible, they can make a big difference to the survival of our local native flora and fauna. If you would like further information about making a donation let us know by using the form below or make your donation online at bank details below.

LUCI bank details

  • BSB 064 413
  • Acc name    Lockyer Uplands Catchments Inc
  • Acc No         1032-8531